12x12  Four color "suicide" woodcut print.
Each layer is inked and printed by hand
on various shades of recycled artisan paper. 
Each print varies in color, texture, as each print is done by hand.
A suicide cut print is a method used when the artist draws straight onto the block imagining an outcome, and hoping for the best as he/she carves the block away with cutting tools, printing a new shade or color with each layer cut. 
The artist will decide on a print run number, and only that number can be printed once the suicide process has begun. 
That being said, once the run is sold out - it's gone forever.
Each print is numbered and signed. 

additional info: 
This piece was created as a gift for Sara after the passing of her father.
The image is of a 1941 flathead Harley Davidson motorcycle her father owned, that still remains in the family.
And If you were lucky enough to know "Punk" then you most likely know why Thomas chose the saying!

Ride it Like You Stole it