We love our woods. We do as much as we can to help preserve them. This piece was created as a gift to those that volunteered to help us plant trees on the 126 acres of property we are striving to restore.  We have been working diligently ourselves to restore the land back to a biodiverse ecosystem it once was before timbering and strip mining took place.No one showed up to lend a hand, so we are offering these gifts for sale to you as a special limited run edition.This 10x6 unframed letterpress print was designed and Composed by Sara and Thomas.Composed entirely of metal type letters and dingbats, each piece intricately set by hand and printed one by one with our hand operated 1905 Potter press.Printed on various shades of recycled artisan printing paper using vegetable and water based letterpress ink. 

"Preserve" Sylvania Letterpress print