Beast mode is a 100% formula derived straight from nature's sources. Created with Arnica flowers + Comfrey leaves, two of natures most dominint healing plants Ideal for those that brave the outdoor elements on a regular basis. It creates a nourishing protecting barrier for face, lips, nose and hands against sun, wind, or cold. 
Soothes, nourishes, and helps to mend scratches, tears, aches, pains, and strains. OUTSTANDING healing results during the healing process of tattoos.
Non toxic Nourishment for children's skin. No synthetic ingredients and no essential oils that could possibly compromise the delicate sensitive skin of little ones. Provides a natural SPF of 20. 
(Symphytum officinale) is often used on the skin to treat wounds and reduce inflammation from sprains and broken bones. Comfrey roots and leaves contain allantoin, a substance that helps new skin cells grow, along with other substances that reduce inflammation and keep skin healthy.
Tallow’s unique, natural ensemble of fatty acids is compatible with the structural composition that makes up our own skin. Tallow’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are caused by its organic balance of fats. Its structural integrity protects the skin; it is a shield from external elements as it also keeps the skin’s natural moisture sealed. Readily absorbed by our skin are the fat-soluble. High  in vitamins A, D, E, and K, omega-3 fatty acid, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). It absorbs readily because it is similar to the sebum of our own skin, deeply moisturizing and healing. It also has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.NO chemicals no essential oilsNO synthetic or artificial fragrancesNO additives of any kindTexture, color, and consistency may vary from batch to batch due to the ingredients being 100% from nature, and as we all know, nature is never consistent.Please Note: All plants or flowers involved in this wildcrafted formula are ethically foraged and gathered from forests and meadows and have been done so on our own private property. Please do not forage in National and State Parks or Private Property without permission. Never forage endangered or at risk plants and never take more than you need. Havest only 1/4 of what is growing. Pachamama thanks you!Please NOTE!Our Tallow Balm is most fresh when used within a few months of purchase. All of the ingredients of our Tallow /creamed Balms are very shelf-stable, but temperature fluctuations and exposure to air can cause oxidation which causes change in texture and consistency.keep the jar tightly capped. And in a cool dark place.For long-term storage, keep any jars you aren't currently using in the refrigerator.If separation occurs stir with a toothpick or knife to re blend.

Beast Mode Pain Balm 1/2 oz. tin