From the time we could crawl, my twin sister jessi and I were connected with the earth, and the earth connected us.

We were the muse of our elders as they would set us lose into the yard and watch us collect tiny rocks and weeds and leaves, earthworms and snails. We would study them from our small palms,talk to them,and share them with one another. 
As we grew we spent the majority of our childhood in the woods exploring places that were magical to us and using our imaginations to create our own world, sharing ideas for new mudpie recipes, picking wildflowers for our Mother, wild berries for our Father. Through the years, our Mother would teach us about the plants and flowers and we would press them between pages of books. Our Father taught us the trees and the mushrooms that grow with them.
Each of our endeavors and creations today are almost always nature centered, just as they were in our childhood.
Being close with nature all of our lives has given us a way to stay connected and close during times of change and through great loss. Much of my Art has been inspired by of one of Jessi's photographs

And although within the past few years our paths have grown apart geographically, the moments when I look up at a crescent moon, hold an earthworm in my hand, plant wildflowers, create plant medicines, or stand at a mountains edge, I feel the most connected to my twin sister.

With nature as my guide, I am in my truth.

​Sara Shoemaker Brown